GE Warm Amber SleepLite Automatic LED Night Light, White

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Enjoy sound sleep and wake up well rested with the LED SleepLite. Using special LED technology, the soft, warm LEDs distribute a tranquil candlelight glow in your room at night, providing the illumination you need to move about, but without the blue wavelengths found in most lights that disturb your body’s natural sleep cycle. In the digital age, time spent in front of our screens — including tablets, phones, computers and televisions — is an integral part of our work and recreational life. Since the blue light found in our devices tends to suppress the body’s production of melatonin (or the “sleep hormone”), exposure to excessive LED blue light at night can disrupt our natural internal clocks. The warmer hue of the SleepLite yields virtually no blue light, supporting healthy melatonin levels that tell our bodies it’s time for rest. By promoting a natural sleep cycle, the SleepLite works to improve your overall sleep quality. It’s time to use sleep to your advantage with the LED SleepLite.
Brand GE, SleepLite
Color White
UPC 030878362443
Night Lights Decor, Auto On/Off, LED, Plug-In
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