Enbrighten Weather Resistant Battery Operated LED Mini Lantern, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

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Discover the future of lighting with the GE Enbrighten Mini Lantern. Enbrighten LED technology delivers consistent color temperature and unprecedented energy efficiency-with a light source you never have to replace. The oil-rubbed bronze GE Enbrighten Mini Lantern provides an omnidirectional battery-operated solution that emits an ultra bright, ultra white 200 lumen light with 360 deg coverage. Plus Series Battery Technology provides power up to 40 hours using 4 AA batteries. Customize the light output and energy usage with the 3-level dimming feature-low, medium and high settings. Easily hang the lantern anywhere with the locking carabiner handle. The durable, weather-resistant exterior is perfect for emergencies,camping, patios and backyards. Experience endless possibilities with GE Enbrighten--lighting for life. This product is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.
Brand Enbrighten
Color Bronze
UPC 030878365789
Lanterns Weather Resistant, Compact
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